Display Plates

A display plate can allow the dealership to market itself with the use of great graphics and color to help solidify its relationship with both the client and the community. A well-designed display plate provides the dealership both the space and artistic component to illustrate in an attractive way the brand, contact information, website address, and logo of the dealership and/or business that the plate is designed to highlight. It is a roving positive reminder of the dealership or business that you purchased the vehicle from and/or showcase the logo of a college or university that you support displaying your pride in the institution.

A display plate can be manufactured in several different plastic weights as well as aluminum. Our display plate artistic consultants can help you design a plate that is both attractive, appealing, and most importantly memorable. The use of logos and images to create an attractive and meaningful display plate is so important in helping to create both a license plate frame and display plate that will always
help market your business.

Custom License Plate Frames & Imprinted Spare Tire Covers

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We would gladly prepare several proofs for your organization so that you could choose which design you feel would best help to market your business. Please keep in mind, conservative colors and images that do not look obtrusive will always remain on the vehicle. A well-designed crafted display plate will
last in all-weather environments.

Please keep in mind, just like license plate frames, design matters! Colors and logos matter! Traditional conservative coloring is best with simple easy to remember designs to highlight the dealership and most importantly its website address.

An easily read and memorized website address is always the takeaway from the use of a great display plate. Our artistic design consultants would gladly assist your organization and suggest different design alternatives to highlight the message of the license plate frame and/or display plate. Please feel free to contact Automotive Advertising Associates anytime at 1-855-453-6500 to discuss your project further. We look forward to working with you and your organization.